East Asia Explorer

East Asia Explorer

The East Asia Explorer tracks evolving geopolitical trends, emerging security challenges, and progress towards regional integration in East Asia. It focuses on the ASEAN grouping, domestic and foreign policy developments in countries of East Asia and Oceania, great power contestation in the region, and India’s relations with ASEAN and its member countries.

In this issue, Dr. Pradeep Taneja analyses the outcomes of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Papua New Guinea from April 20-23, 2024. He tracks the ongoing efforts by China to strengthen diplomatic, economic, and security relations with the Pacific Island states, and the impediments to closer cooperation. He then contrasts these with the intensified efforts by the Australian government to also develop closer ties with Papua New Guinea through economic assistance and security arrangements.

Anshita Shukla reviews External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar’s three-nation official visit to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines from March 23-27, 2024. She assesses the outcomes of these visits against the backdrop of India’s growing security and economic outreach to the Southeast Asian region under the ‘Act East’ policy. She also highlights historical and current trends in bilateral relations between India and the three countries.

Jayantika Rao examines the relationship between Thailand and China, from their economic ties to their growing engagement. She underscores elements of the newly elected democratic government’s strategy, which strive to maintain warm relations with China while also prioritising Thailand’s national interests.

Amb. Biren Nanda analyses the developments that have taken place since the Global Financial Crisis (2007-08), and how they have affected the strategic outlook in the Indo-Pacific region. He reviews the strategies of major players in dealing with the evolving security architecture of the region, and addresses a number of key questions: What are the unique characteristics of the contemporary geopolitics in Asia?  How has ASEAN centrality been affected by these developments? What is China’s Vision of a New Security Architecture in the Indo-Pacific? What has been the US response? How does India Assess the Revival of the Quad? What Can India and Japan Do Together?

To read this East Asia Explorer, Vol. II, Issue 4, please see the PDF attached.