DPG Policy Papers

ASEAN and the Great Power Contestation in the Indo-Pacific

Date: December 20, 2022
Great Power contestation in Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific has been a geopolitical reality since the onset of the Global Financial crisis in 2007-08. This paper seeks to explore and address the following issues: (1) What is the Broader Strategic picture in the Indo-Pacific? (2) How do we assess the achievements of the ASEAN centric regional security architecture? (3) What is China’s vision for a regional security architecture in Asia? (4). How is the United States responding to an aggressive and assertive China? (5) What are the defining features of the new Asian Geopolitics? (6) How did China become a problem for ASEAN and India? (7) What was the thought process behind ASEAN’s reluctant embrace of the Indo-Pacific?  (8) What was ASEAN’s response to the AUKUS pact ? (9) How did ASEAN countries craft responses to increasing Chinese assertiveness in the region?  (10) What are the trends in the evolving geopolitics of Asia? (11) What is current state of the QUAD’s agenda? (12) How are supply chain resilience and economic security risks shaping the contours of global trade? (13) What is the cost-benefit analysis of India’s engagement with the ASEAN, when it comes to China?