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Opinion / Op-ed

Re-shaping India-US Defense Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Date: 25 August, 2018

The forthcoming inaugural meeting of the United States-India Ministerial 2 2 Dialogue provides a historic opportunity.


Who defends the defenders?

Date: 22 August, 2018

Serving soldiers have approached SC over AFSPA. They must not be made to pay for governments’ failures.


Long-term investments will lead to a sustained vision for e-commerce and agri growth

Date: 18 May, 2018

Private equity funds have often come to their rescue, but one can discern a pattern here. A company’s expenditure and hiring patterns change from one month to the next if there is doubt about where the next funding round will come from. This …


Reappraising India-US

Date: 14 April, 2018

Defence cooperation remains high on rhetoric, short on delivery. Both South Block and Capitol Hill need to do more to revitalise and elevate ties.


At 90, when I look back

Date: 30 March, 2018

India faces more problems than it is even aware of. More worryingly, the country is unaware of the deficiencies of mechanisms it has devised to serve its needs.