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Interpreting Xi Jinping's 'Chinese Dream' and China's Foreign Relations

Date: 16 January, 2017

Interpreting Xi Jinping’s ‘Chinese Dream’ and China’s Foreign Relations by Ambassador Biren Nanda, Senior Fellow, Delhi Policy Group


Evolving Regional Security Architecture in East Asia

Date: 02 August, 2016

The Regional Security Architecture in East Asia has been characterized by regional frameworks centered around the ASEAN, the American bilateral alliance system, the United States’ Strategic Cooperation with non allied countries, the growing …


DPG BRIEF: Vol. I, Issue 2 :India Steps up Maritime Diplomacy

Date: 12 July, 2016

DPG BRIEF: Vol. I, Issue 2: India Steps up Maritime Diplomacy -by Vice Admiral Anup Singh (Retd), Senior Fellow ASEAN Unity: Under Pressure but Surviving - by Antara Ghosal Singh, Research Associate FDI Norms for Defence Tweaked Again - by Amit …


DPG BRIEF: Vol. I, Issue 1: Assessing the Modi-Obama Summit

Date: 15 June, 2016 | Pages: 13

Assessing the Modi-Obama Summit - Hemant Krishan Singh, Director General Technological and Strategic Implications of MTCR for India - Arun Sahgal, Senior Visiting Fellow South Asia Update - Rana Banerji, Senior Fellow Backgrounders: Modi-Obama …