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Vol 1, Issue 2 | 16 Nov, 2016

Op-Eds and Media Appearances

Pakistan is rattled, and that's evidence of India's surgical strike

Daily O

Questions are being raised on both the veracity and efficacy of India's cross-Line of Control (LoC), surgical strikes undertaken by Indian Special Forces (SF) on the night of September 28-29.

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What's wrong with the Russia-India relationship?

Russia Direct

Given the long history of friendship between Moscow and Delhi, the decision of the Kremlin to carry out joint military exercises with Pakistan on Sept. 24 has surprised many in both India and Russia. Pakistan is a long-time rival of India and a nation that has always been a focal point of Indian foreign policy, so Russia-Pakistan joint military exercises naturally worry Delhi.

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Policy Papers, Policy Notes and Briefs

Engaging Indonesia

DPG Policy Note Vol.I, Issue 6

ASEAN is at the centre of nascent Regional Security Architecture in East Asia, and Indonesia is at the heart of ASEAN. Strengthening India’s strategic partnership with Indonesia should be a key objective of our Act East Policy. In this DPG Policy Note Ambassador Biren Nanda, Senior Fellow, argues that given Indonesia’s proximity to India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands, its key location a stride the major sea lanes linking the Indian and Pacific Oceans, its abundant natural resources, its importance as a trading partner, its national ethos of unity in diversity, and its sheer size in terms of GDP and population, Indonesia should be India’s key interlocutor in ASEAN. He then goes on to present practical policy measures to give further heft to India’s strategic partnership with Indonesia.

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China and Southeast Asia

DPG Policy Note Vol.I, Issue 7

Southeast Asia is a crucially important region in world geo-politics. The cold war may have begun and ended in Europe but it was waged most fiercely in Southeast Asia. Today there is a renewed recognition that developments in Southeast Asia and East Asia will determine the contours of international trends over the coming decades. In this DPG Policy Note Ambassador Biren Nanda, Senior Fellow, argues that ASEAN unity has broken down and the grouping is divided on how to deal with China. ASEAN-centric security institutions have failed in tackling hard security issues in the region due to the impasse between China and the United States. Many countries face geo- economic pull factors drawing them closer to China and geo-political push factors that compel strategic hedging or strategic balancing. For the present, the US pivot to the region and Washington’s efforts to rebalance its foreign policy to focus on the strategic challenge posed by China’s rise has allowed Southeast Asian countries to hedge against China’s more opaque intentions.

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Islamic Extremism and Terrorism in Indonesia

DPG Brief Vol. I, Issue 4

Islamic extremism and terrorism pose significant internal security challenges to Indonesia. In this DPG Brief, Antara Ghosal Singh, Research Associate, traces the history of religious extremism and terrorist groups that have been active in Indonesia since the1950s, as well as the major terrorist incidents that have taken place there since the Bali bombings of 2002. She argues that the existence of moderate Islamic organizations with a large following have limited the appeal of extremist groups in Indonesia. Furthermore, the administration of President Joko Widodo has adopted a twin-pronged approach of simultaneously tightening anti-terror laws and launching educational and public awareness campaigns to limit the appeal of radical groups in the country.

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Conferences, Seminars and Roundtables

Meeting of Heads of Think Tanks of India and Russia Moscow

"Balancing Asia: Russia's 'Asian Pivot' and India's 'Act East'" -Address by Ambassador H.K. Singh, Director General, DPG Let me begin by recalling the immutable factor that determines Russia’s place in the world order: command over both the heartland and the rimland of what strategists have long recognised as the “pivot area” of the world endows Russia with enormous geo-strategic significance

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2nd India-Japan Track 1.5 Dialogue on Strategic and Security Issues

The Delhi Policy Group (DPG) organised the 2nd India-Japan Track 1.5 Dialogue on Strategic and Security Issues at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on October 25-26, 2016.

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India - China Relations: Bilateral and Regional Contexts

The Delhi Policy Group (DPG) organized a policy seminar on “India-China Relations: Bilateral and Regional Contexts” on September 14, 2016.

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India and Japan: Confluence of Maritime Democracies

The Delhi Policy Group (DPG) organized a Conference on: “India and Japan: Confluence of Maritime Democracies” on October 7, 2016. The event was attended by around 80 participants from think tanks and the strategic community.

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BBIN Roundtable on Trade and Transit Cooperation

The Delhi Policy Group (DPG) organized two roundtable discussions on “Advancing Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal Trade and Transit Cooperation” on October 3-4, 2016.

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RIS-AIC Seminar on India-Japan CEPA

-Remarks by Ambassador H.K. Singh,Director General, DPG With economic headwinds in the global economy, world trade is falling. Political repercussions in advanced economies are raising prospects for protectionist trade barriers which can depress growth further.Meanwhile, the WTO is inactive, plurilateral and mega regional frameworks are in favour.These will have a major impact on future patterns of global trade and investment.

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