INDIA-JAPAN INDO-PACIFIC FORUM : 4th India-Japan Track 1.5 Dialogue - Pic 1

INDIA-JAPAN INDO-PACIFIC FORUM : 4th India-Japan Track 1.5 Dialogue

Date: October 15 - 16, 2018

4th India-Japan Track 1.5 Dialogue
 October 15-16, 2018
The Delhi Policy Group hosted the India-Japan Indo-Pacific Forum in New Delhi on October 15-16, 2018 with the support of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.  This was the 4th edition of the India-Japan Track 1.5 Dialogue, co-organised by the Delhi Policy Group and the Japan Institute of International Affairs.  The keynote address at the Forum was delivered by Gen. (Dr.) V.K. Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs, Government of India. 
The broader and deeper participation of heads of major national think tanks, strategic experts and distinguished academics at this Forum reflected its coming of age.  On the Indian side, 23 expert delegates and 10 representatives from the Government of India participated in the Forum.  The 17 Japanese delegates included five senior functionaries of the Government of Japan. 
Discussions at the Forum explored the potential of India-Japan relations across the domains of politics, diplomacy and strategy; defence and security; and energy, innovation and technology.  The three conference sessions were followed by a panel discussion on the major outcomes and the way forward for an enhanced India-Japan partnership.  Looking ahead to the forthcoming India-Japan bilateral summit, the delegates identified specific areas of collaboration that will advance the strategic partnership and the shared interests of India and Japan across the Indo-Pacific in the years ahead.
JIIA will host the next edition of the India-Japan Indo-Pacific Forum/5th India-Japan Track 1.5 Dialogue in Tokyo during the course of 2019.
Read the Joint Statement of the DPG-JIIA India-Japan Indo-Pacific Forum.